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Award History

06пт separator апр2012

The 12-14th of April 2012 will take place the YALTA Digital Forum which is based of the
conferencies “The 1st Ukrainian MediaMeeting”, “The Digital Technologies in the Service of
Restaurant and Hotel Business” and “International PROpeller Digital Internet Award” event.

During ten years of the successful work in the field of the Internet undustry the organizers
of “Golden PROpeller” and “PROpeller Digital” Awards earned a deep trust. YALTA Digital
Forum-2012 will touch the most actual issues facing the UA net business today.

We focus on the innovations. We are always glad to give the forum participants the possibility
to acknowledge the latest software solutions, latest technologies, facilities and other options
available in the market.

You have the unique opportunity to meet the opinion leaders, industry professionals such as
top-managers, company partners and possessors as well as to talk to them and even make the
agreement of cooperation.

In 2008 the idea of digital award separation arose. Then the “Golden PROpeller” celebrated
its fifth anniversary and was admitted as one of the biggest market communications forums in
CIS. But the nomination "Best Interactive Media Campaign" was hardly visible between the
events and promos entries which have been “Golden PROpeller” basis. The award organizers
understood well that the internet marketing field would require early or late a larger area for
the professional competition.

In early 2009 the negotiations started.

The third PROpeller Digital Award 2011 moved from Kiev (where the First and The Second
Awards had held in 2009 and 2010) to the Southern Coast of Crimea in Palmira Palace****
Premium SPA Resort.

Today the Award has the potential to become an indicator of the Ukrainian interactive
marketing development with the principle of the best entries accumulation.

The PROpeller Digital Award is the first and unique specialized event where the market players
can present their innovative and highly effective techniques of marketing solutions in Internet
and mobile sectors.