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The PROpeller Digital Expert Council Votes The Internet Award Short-List

16th April 2013

The PROpeller Digital Organization Committee informs about Experts’ voting opening within the finalists short-list forming.

YALTA Digital Forum will be open less than in a month (PROGRAMM)

11th April 2013

There are only two weeks left to the Tenth YALTA Digital Forum opening. The organizers published the previous planning and we can see that the Anniversary Forum will be very saturated: the PROpeller Digital International Internet Award, Creative Day, «SMM: Ukraine\Russia\World» and Fashion Online panels, Ukrainian MediaMeeting, Marketing*Media*Money and even HoReCa Digital Conferences.

The PROpeller Digital Internet Award Deadline is prolonged till the 5th of April 2013

1th April 2013

The PROpeller Digital International Internet Award is held every year from 2003. During last four years the Award collected more than 600 best digital cases from Ukraine, Russia, Bielorus, Israel and Baltic States. One of the PROpeller Digital advantages is the area – the South Coast of Crimea, the premium resort Palmira Palace Hotel****.